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Cosmos Agency

Commercial Organization

Region: Ukraine

Occupation: Space Tourism

Activity area: Space Tourism


— What is Cosmos Agency? Ukraine-based company with a variety of projects in space technology, stratosphere flights and suborbital flights. Portal: A #1 popular science media about space tourism, astronautics, and the history of space exploration. — Our goal Our goal is to promote space tourism as a promising industry; increase general awareness about cutting-edge scientific discoveries and technological innovations in space industry. — Our projects 1. Private stratospheric launches using a small spacecraft Brand2Space. 2. The project to launch microsatellites to Earth’s orbit, and subsequently to the Moon, in which anyone can take part in. 3. The directory of space companies and reviews of space tourism offers, hypersonic rocket flights, and private space flights. 4. Interactive infographics about space tourism companies — Space Tourism Guide Feel free to contact us at