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OPITO Train-R Apps on Google Play.
The OPITO Training App allows you to access your OPITO certification online, helping you to keep track of your offshore training records. You can access the Vantage system, look at your OPITO certificates and validity, search for training providers by location and keep up to date with OPITO news.
MIST Minimum Industry Safety Training.
MIST Online is 78.48 including VAT and can be completed anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Your OPITO MIST certificate can be accessed on completion of the course. For general enquires and technical support, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions FAQs. Verify Your Certificate Purchase/Launch Course. Your details have been verified but our records show that you are not currently registered for the MIST course. Your details have been verfied but our records show that you are yet to complete the MIST course. To launch the course please close this message and press the launch course button. Your details have been verfied but our records show that you are yet to start the MIST course. To launch the course please close this message and press the launch course button. Last completed MIST on and is was valid until. Sorry, this Vantage no. and Lastname could not be matched because the details are either incorrect or this person has not been registered for MIST. Create Company Account. About Atlas Knowledge. Terms and Conditions. Website Data Protection Policy.
Frequently Asked Questions LOGIC.
If you assume 1/3 of previous trip, then you wont go wrong, but there are always exceptional circumstances where dispensations can be granted normally by the OIM, and if in doubt, always check with the operator you will be travelling with. Q: Can I get a user account on Vantage POB? A: We offer read-only access to Vantage POB for companies that have registered employees in Vantage. Non-operator companies can have up to 15 registered users. Please contact or your company focal point to discuss your need for access. Q: Who can add training certificate / medical certificate / insurance certificate information?
Vantage Card.
This provides an electronic safety filter to ensure everyone travelling offshore has successfully completed the proper training. Additionally, the Vantage tracking system holds details of persons to contact in case of an emergency. How Do I Use It? Each time you check in at the heliport you will be asked to show your card to the check in clerk.
Equipment Safety Training. Workplace Safety Training. Training Program Templates. Career Training Programs. Online Safety Courses. Employee Safety Training. Aerial Lift Safety Training. Equipment Safety Training. This domain is pending renewal or has expired. Please contact the domain provider with questions.
OPITO Internal Verifier OPITO Consulatncy OPITO Approval Support OPITO Training.
For more information, please contact us to see how we can meet your needs. Improved communication skills. Developing and supporting assessors. Integration of assessment process and training objectives. Monitoring assessment practice. PDF BROCHURE DOWNLOAD This course is currently only available as blended learning option. If you require face 2 face delivery, please email OPITO Internal Verifier Course. OPITO Exclusion Notes.: Achievement of this qualification does not entitle the holder to award any certificate bearing OPITOs logo and name.
Other courses offered at the centre are.: Advanced fire fighting training AFF. Breathing Apparatus Wearers Course BA. Confined Space Entry. Helicopter Landing Officer HLO. Further Offshore Emergency Training-FOET OPITO. Tropical Further Offshore Emergency Training-T-FOET OPITO. HUET Helicopter Underwater Escape Training OPITO. Tropical Helicopter Underwater Escape Training-T-HUET OPITO. Helicopter Underwater Escape Technique HUET DPR. Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training BOSIETOPITO. Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction Training-T-BOSIETOPITO. Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training BOSIETDPR. Helideck Fire Fighting HFF. HTM-Helideck Team Leader Member Training. HTM-Helideck Team Leader Training. Helideck Assistant Course. Compressed Air Emergency Breathing SystemCA-EBS-Initial Development OPITO. BOSIET WITH CA-EBS OPITO. HUET WITH CA-EBSOPITO. FOET WITH CA-EBSOPITO. OIM Controlling Emergency. Control Room Operator. Travel Safely By Boat. Emergency Response And Crisis Management Team Member ERCM. Breathing Apparatus Wearer Course. Aluminium Access Scaffold Towers. Fall Arrest Suspension Rescue Equipment. Gas Detection Confined Space Entry Awareness. Safety Harness User Inspection. Work At Height. Working Safely With Hydrogen SulphideH2S. Transport Of Dangerous Goods To Air/Dangerous Goods Regulation.
Survivex Experts in Offshore Safety Survival Training.
02 Nov 2020 / News. Wood extends training contract with 3t Energy Group by three years. 30 Oct 2020 / News. Meet Survivex's' onboard training instructor Ian MacWatt. 23 Oct 2020 / News. Survivex and AIS Training continue to be the wind industry's' first choice. 21 Oct 2020 / News. Help build the UK's' 5600, wind turbines. 14 Oct 2020 / News. Survivex's' well control training proves effective for Wellesley. 18 Aug 2020 / News. Survivex has a new manager at the helm. 10 Aug 2020 / News. OGUK announces employment support and advice session. Why Choose Survivex? Survivex holds the most OPITO approvals for any training centre globally. We are the OPITO training experts. People are our number one asset. Survivex Instructors come with years of industry experience and are all qualified Instructors / Assessors. World Class Facilities. Train in our state of the art training centre with onsite medical support 24/7. Check out or virtual tour. Experience realistic North Sea conditions in our survival simulation theatre with wind, rain, waves and thunder. Situated within walking distance of Aberdeen International Airport and Offshore Heliports. All the major oil companies are located nearby.
OPITO CA-EBS Initial Deployment Training Survival training Petrofac Training Services.
Delegates will be assessed against the learning outcomes using direct observation and a multiple choice written test. The syllabus focuses on: The fundamental differences between rebreather and CA-EBS technology and use The rationale and use of CA-EBS in helicopter emergency situations The hazards associated with CA-EBS Pre-flight inspection of the lifejacket and CA-EBS Donning the lifejacket with CA-EBS correctly, including buddy check Emergency deployment of the CA-EBS in a dry environment. Delegates must possess a valid BOSIET/FOET/HUET or T-BOSIET/T-FOET/T-HUET with EBS certificate or equivalent prior to attending the CA-EBS Initial Deployment Training programme. The course is intended for personnel that are issued with CA-EBS whilst travelling to work by helicopter and who may be required to use it in the event of an emergency. An OPITO approved CA-EBS Initial Deployment Training Certificate will be issued on successful completion of the course.

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